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    How to make hack lobbies!



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    How to make hack lobbies!

    Post by PryZeex on Fri 19 Nov 2010, 12:22 am

    How to Create Hacked Lobbies on CoD: MW2

    This tutorial is the guide followed by all for the modded lobbies/challenge lobbies/exploit lobbies/infection lobbies, and so on. This guide does work, and many people have used this, including myself.

    If you do not want to do this yourself (to unlock everything, etc.), I can do this for you; check out my Unlock ALL service thread.


    PlayStation 3 running on v3.41 firmware

    JailBreak Chipset or Dongle

    PS3 Connected to the Internet

    PS3 FTP Server (installed already)

    FileZilla (already configured; help?)


    Modded Patch (EliteMossy v7)

    How to Create Hacked Lobbies on CoD: MW2

    Start up your PlayStation 3 normally (without JailBreaking)

    Delete the MW2 patch from your 'Game Data' folder on your PS3 (if you have one there)

    Make sure an ethernet cable is plugged into your PS3, or you've got wireless turned on; you'll need to access the internet for an upcoming step

    Start up CoD: MW2 from the disc (not using the Backup Manager from JailBreaking, the actual disc)

    You should be prompted to download the v1.11 patch for CoD: MW2; download and install the patch

    After the install for the patch completes, hold the PS button on your controller, and quit CoD:MW2. Then, turn off your PS3. Unplug the power cable from the back of the system.

    Perform the JailBreak method that your specific device uses to boot your PS3 into JailBreak mode

    On your PS3, run PS3 FTP Server (help?)

    On your PC, run FileZilla (or any FTP software). Navigate to '/dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30377/USRDIR/' and look for 'patch_mp.ff' (this is the CoD: MW2 patch file)

    You can replace the 'patch_mp.ff' file with any other 'patch_mp.ff' file. For this tutorial, just use the provided patch from the 'Requirements' list above (this is the GodlyModz v4 patch). Simply drag and drop the modded patch over the patch on the FTP program on your PC, and overwrite it.

    Go back to your PS3, exit PS3 FTP Server (hold PS button; Quit Game). Turn off your PS3 (using PS button, Turn Off System [this is important!] wait for the system to shut down) and unplug the power cable from it.

    Plug the power cable back in, unplug your JailBreaking device from the system. Turn your PS3 on normally (without going into JailBreak mode)

    Start up MW2 normally. Go to Split Screen.

    Load up (or create if you don't have one) a split screen profile.

    Start the match.

    Voila. You should see 'GodlyModz' on the bottom right of your screen. If you do, that means the patch stuck and you have sucessfully injected a hacked patch into your system.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Will the patch disappear or not work ever?

    A: If you followed the tutorial, and you have the hacks after booting the PS3 without JailBreak, then that means the patch is on your system. The only way for the hacks to stop working is if you deleted the patch, or downloaded a newer patch (if a newer patch is ever released).

    Q: How can I downgrade my PS3 to firmware v3.41?

    A: You can not do this. This is currently not possible. You'll have to go out and buy a new system, or find a friend with a PS3 who doesn't play online and has the v3.41 firmware (or lower).

    Q: Can I JailBreak on v3.50 firmware?

    A: Nope. Doesn't work.

    Q: Can I JailBreak any system not running v3.41 firmware on it?

    A: As far as I know, no, you cannot do so. Just download the v3.41 firmware from the requirements list above the tutorial, and install that firmware onto the system from an 'attached device' (flash drive).

    Q: Can I do this with one PS3?

    A: Yes, you can. If you have a PS3 running on the v3.41 firmware, you can do this hack on that system. If you want to take it online, simply update the system after following the tutorial and verifying the hacked patch is still there.

    Q: How can I switch patches or move patches to other systems (PS3s)?

    A: Follow the 'Transferring Patches' guide below.

    Q: How can I go online?

    A: Follow the 'Transferring Patches' guide below.

    How to Transfer your Patch onto a PS3 with Current Firmware

    (able to go online with your hacked patch)


    Two (2) PlayStation 3 systems; one running v3.41 firmware, the other with the latest firmware on it.

    An ethernet cable

    Turn off, and unplug the power cable from both systems (PS3s).

    Plug in an ethernet cable from one PS3 to the other.

    Plug the power cable back into each system, and turn them on.

    Go to 'Settings -> System Settings -> Data Transfer Utility'

    The instructions on screen will guide you through the transfer process, and it should be fairly straightforward.

    Make sure to transfer the contents of the JailBroken PS3 onto the Online PS3, not the other way around. We want to send the patch to the online system so we can use it online. Transfer from v3.41 PS3 to v3.50 PS3 (or whatever the current firmware is)

    After the transfer is complete, turn both systems off.

    Plug the ethernet cable back into your router, or use wireless (however you connect your PS3 to the internet).

    Turn on your Online PS3 (current firmware system)

    Start up CoD: MW2. Go to Play Online (sign in if you haven't already).

    Start the match.

    You should have your modded patch.

    There you have it. You should be able to transfer hacked patches from your v3.41 system onto any other PS3. If you have a friend that wants to make hacked lobbies on MW2, have him/her (if you actually know any lovely hacker ladies) come over and just transfer your patch onto their system using the Data Transfer Utility.

    This is also the easiest way to change patches, or (like I said above) give your friends hacked patches without them needing a JailBreak device or two PS3s.

    Planning on using mutliple patches, often? Don't want to do the Data Transfer Utility each and every time? Buy a few more HDDs and install a different patch on each one. You can easily switch HDDs each time you want to use a different patch (just put a label on the drive so you know which one is which) and then go online.

    How to Take Your Patch Online if you Only have One PS3

    (if you only have ONE PS3 system, and it happens to still be on firmware v3.41, then you can do this; only downside is that there is no going back or changing patches)

    After you've injected your patch via the above tutorial, reset your PS3

    Do not JailBreak, boot your PS3 normally

    Start up MW2 and go into a Private Match; verify that your patch is still there

    If you are not JailBroken and your patch still works, it stuck

    Update the firmware on your PS3 to the latest firmware (v3.50 at the time I wrote this tutorial)

    Play online with your hacked MW2 patch

    Like this tutorial? Think I'm a pretty cool guy? Express your undying love by clicking the 'Thanks' button below. I take full credit for this tutorial. I, (The End) am not responsible for any damages, corruption to, or screwing up of your PS3 systems (if for some extremely unlucky reason this does happen to you).

    Also, ProModz. Wink wink. Neutral

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    Re: How to make hack lobbies!

    Post by ProModz_PwNaGe on Mon 22 Nov 2010, 12:32 am

    nice tutorial

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    Re: How to make hack lobbies!

    Post by Bigtoygun on Sun 28 Nov 2010, 1:52 am




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    Re: How to make hack lobbies!

    Post by iHaCk_BeN on Wed 19 Jan 2011, 5:50 am


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    Re: How to make hack lobbies!

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