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    Any Prestige Hack...


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    Any Prestige Hack...

    Post by ProModz_Dciple on Tue 23 Nov 2010, 6:23 am

    This is a TuT on how to hack mw2 to any prestige(not all titles and emblems).

    First you will need the following:

    PS3 patch blocker:
    Patch Blocker
    Hacked files
    hacked files
    USB Flash Drive

    1st. Download and extract all links posted above^
    2nd. Plug in your USB device into your computer and drag and the PS3 file you recently downloaded on your computer into your USB device
    3rd. Open the patch blocker and the numbers you see write them down and save them you will need them but change the 8080 to 6969 then click start
    4th. Go to your Ps3 system and go to save data utility and plug your USB device into your ps3 and copy the files that you put into them from the computer earlier to your PS3 hard drive
    5th. Start up Mw2 and go to split screen and load the legit game save and start match only and kill your self then end match(mandatory)
    6th.Quit mw2 and go to Net Work Settings and in that go to internet connection settings and go to custom and scroll right until you see Proxy Server and the information in the Ps3 patch blocker on your CPU or Laptop copy that into the PS3 proxy server and test connection
    7th. Sign in and go to game data utility and delete the MW2 patch then start up the game
    8th.Go to play online and then back out and go to split screen and load the HSx9 Error game save( you should get an error sign pop up that is good) press X once you've seen the error sign pop up and load the file up again and prestige it in split screen mode ( you should get another error sign still good) then go back and load the LEGIT game data and back out
    9th. go play online and make sure you prestige or all what you have done was for nothing :/
    10th. once you've prestige and you are level 1 quit mw2 and go back to your internet settings and turn off the proxy server and and exit the patch blocker on your CPU or Laptop and load up the game to see if it saved your work...

    ProModz_Dciple's Doing's


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    Re: Any Prestige Hack...

    Post by iHaCk_BeN on Wed 19 Jan 2011, 5:56 am


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