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    Karoolus MP Mod-Menu Edited!


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    Karoolus MP Mod-Menu Edited!

    Post by PryZeex on Tue 18 Jan 2011, 12:16 pm

    ok guys this is a minor edit to the karoolus mod-menu Patch

    heres what i change

    kolor of the menu
    black background - highlights Green
    a plus sign on main menu
    like Rank mod + meanin it has a submenu
    in cheat infections i add the laser so now its ON
    the over head names i put it a littlebit smaller - it was to big
    fun menu
    has a On/Off like Toggle UFO On/Off
    so ppl stop askinme how to turn it Off
    oh & i move things around, feel more organized
    on Visions
    i did something similar too
    i put On/Off & move thing around
    but for 1) Xmas & 2) Black only put (On)
    in Normal i put (1&2) Off meanin Xmas&Black turn Off toggle
    a lot of ppl was konfuse with that so i think i made it eazy
    for VIP
    well since in mw2 vip menu r Yellow i turn it yellow here too
    i took autoAimbot from VIP - dont panic i move it to Host menu
    now only the host has aimbot, for now kuz im thinkin in open another menu like Co-host komin soon
    host menu
    now its lighBlue
    of kourse AutoAimbot been move to it
    in the player menu i add some kolors like Red for Kick & FreezePs3
    meanin BE KAREFULL
    yellow for make vip & unlock all
    i try to mess around with big XP no luck
    samethin with change maps but like karoolus original patch
    only work on splitscreen
    oh i add notifikations for when the host verify & giv VIP
    like the host just verify U,
    the host giv U VIP
    so ppl know when the got the menu
    most of the notifikations r in yellow now
    1)now u dont hav to verify first then VIP
    VIPing ppl work, if u wanna giv vip just doit
    2)ok this one its a good one, i put a -End Match- option
    for when u change map & Start botton dont work or when
    u set the infinite game, & u wanna quit, End Match komin handy.
    it doesnt work for Sabotage. for now.
    3)allowTeamChange now has notifikation Msg

    another Update
    -in Co-Host -Player Menu & Toggle Aimbot.
    -new Option in Player options menu
    kall (how to: msg) it send a msg in the HUD of the player tellin how to use the mod-menu
    -a welkome msg & what kind of access the player gain like mw2 in HUD of the player when they get verify

    i did took away some Visions
    no bekuz space, just bekuz i dont see the use of it
    More Update
    Karoolus new update its now in my kustom patch.
    -Big XP Settings
    & it really work instantly
    THANKZ Karoolus "what kan we do without U?"

    heres a youtube video by iPROFamily

    just little things
    all credits go to the MAN behin all this movement

    heres the Patch link ?tijvq654c2an9ix

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