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    [TuT] XP in Split-screen After any patch [CFW Required]


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    [TuT] XP in Split-screen After any patch [CFW Required]

    Post by PR3DaToR on Wed 19 Jan 2011, 4:01 am

    Remember the old glitch to get XP in splitscreen? Well it's back! No need to mess with the LAN XP glitch trying to make it stick.

    *I recommend using this on a new account as your stats will be reset.

    I posted this under exploits and hacks because it does require custom firmware and common knowledge on how to use it. If a mod thinks it should be glitches and tricks, please move it.

    Geohotz Custom Firmware 3.55 Found here
    Black Ops 1.02 Patch for your region (link in tutorial)
    Elitemossy's patchblocker found here

    Let's get started..

    Once you've got your custom firmware installed, as well as Blackb0x FTP, you're going to need to open up FileZilla and connect it to your ps3, then navigate to this directory: /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30591/USRDIR and locate the file named t5mp_ps3f.self and copy it to your desktop.

    Now you must delete the Black Ops patch off your ps3 before installing 1.02

    Next you'll need to download the Black Ops 1.02 patch for your region. You can find the download links for this Here.

    After you download that file, put it on your USB drive and install it via the *Install Package Files option.

    Now you need to open up FileZilla and connect it to your ps3 again, then navigate to this directory once again: /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30591/USRDIR and replace the t5mp_ps3f.self with the one you previously put on your desktop. This will allow you to use the 1.02 patch and still connect to the regular servers.

    Next you'll need to use EliteMossy's patchblocker to block the patch (so you run 1.02 without the game making you update) then go online and your stats will be reset. (So I recommend using new accounts, not your main)

    Once it says your stats have been reset, you've done it right.

    From here, you want to perform the steps for XP in splitscreen as you would before it was patched. Don't remember the steps? Click the spoiler below for a video tutorial.

    When you're at the rank you want to be, just delete your black ops patch, disable the patchblocker and download the real update to play online.

    This is simply an alternative to the LAN XP glitch. This will always stick, and you can stop and keep going whenever you want as long as you run the patchblocker every time and don't update to the latest patch until you're at your desired rank. (Note: you can NOT connect to online games on the 1.02 patch, but you CAN connect to parties)

    Ranking up this way takes a little longer then with LAN XP, but this one won't piss you off because it will always stick if you do it correctly.
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