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    how tohack a wii without twilight princess

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    how tohack a wii without twilight princess

    Post by ProModz_Juicy on Sun 21 Nov 2010, 10:18 pm once you go to this website you need to find out your wii version firmwire to do that fo to settings on the wii then on top right it should say what version is ur wii so then on the website download your version and put it on root of memory card or sd card ok now in the hack mii thing you open the folder and get the boot.elf and poot that on ur memstick root.
    yeah this is my first tutorial please tell me what you think. Be Nice. Smile And Please Subscribe . (No Twilight)Step By Step
    -STEP 1So first download the files from the above link,then extract the zip.

    STEP 2Drag The files into the SD Card . I love you Wink Exclamation (Make sure the SD card is formatted As FAT)

    STEP 3Insert the SD card into the front off your wii.Go to the bottom left hand of the screen, click the icon.Then go to "data management" then Channels .Now click in the top right click the SD card. (it should automaticly trigger the install.)

    STEP 4Now Click Continue then the hombrew channel, then click install then yes.It Should Say Success.Now Exit .It will lead you straight onto the homebrew channel. Reset your wii and take the SD card out , and put it back into the computer.

    STEP 5 Delete everything on the SD card then make a new folder called "apps"

    STEP 6Go to - Load the page go on to "download applications"(if you want to get like i did the hombrew browser)go to where it says Hombrew Browser. Click It Then Click Download.

    STEP 7Extract the homebrew browser application then , drag the extracted files into the the apps folder on the SD card.

    STEP 8Once again insert your SD card into the Wii.Click the homebrew channel Icon. Then StartYour homebrew browser should be there . Or any other app you have put in the apps folder.Select the homebrew browser - then let it install and boot what it needs to .

    STEP 9 Your done hacking the Wii . Enjoy all the apps . Hope this tutorial helped . Have Fun And If You have any questions please post a comment and we will try and get back to you ASAPIf This Helped Please Subscribe.iMeTHoDzZ v1,

    if you want i use neogamma to load usb games get that to load usb games if you have a big usb because i use 8 gig and only have 3 games.

    theres a app that lets you download emulators such as gba gb etc.... my faborite is n64.

    go to google type in hombrew channel apps and stuff.

    also for the neogamma usb loader to work i think you need cios 249 somthing like that and use rev 14. thats all there is too it oh and one more thing ull have to format the usb
    using wbfs manager it will format the usb to wbfs in a second then download all the iso
    games you want and put them on there using wbfs manager. thats al =)) Laughing Smile Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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